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Korea Day
The final stage of the Expo includes academic conferences linked with international organizations. If you visit the Expo with your family, a gala concert of Verdi opera deserves watching and if you are a student, it is recommended to visit a youth forum.
K-POP Performance
Performances of popular singers continue in mid-summer. On August 1, the taping of ‘SBS Korean Hit Songs’ will take place and on August 11, a concert by top artists of the K-pop scenes will be held.
Verdi Gala Concert
If one should watch just one performance during the Expo period, this opera is the right one to choose without hesitation. This gala concert singles out the famous arias among operas of composer Verdi. Featured artists are an orchestra of 70 persons, a chorus of 30 persons and 4 soloists. The concert will be performed at Floating Stage at 7 p.m. on August 2.
Nacional de Tango
There are a lot of Argentina-related performances in Yeosu Expo. Most of the performances mainly consist of tango and the last performance to be staged on August is also tango. This tango performance is scheduled to be performed for 2 days from 3 p.m. on August 9 & 10. This event will provide a good opportunity for the Korean audiences since it is not easy to find stage where authentic tango of South America is performed.
Symposium on “Alleviating Hunger and Poverty, Making a Difference with Fish.”
At this international symposium jointly hosted by UN FAO, the issue as to how the ocean will solve the problem of poverty and hunger will be discussed and it will become a grand finale of the Expo as the last event among official symposiums. For 2 days from August 7, this event will be held at the Conference Hall. Even though this event is an academic conference, you may as well be interested in this event as its theme is deeply related to our livelihood.
Award ceremony of International Painting Contest of the Children from Korea, China and Japan
This ceremony will be held on August 5. 2,012 paintings that won the prizes among the total 70,000-odd candidates will be awarded. (Korea: 756 paintings, China & Japan: 1,256 paintings)