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Notable Performances Recommended for May

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Performance of K-POP and Overseas Pop
Korean Wave star concert cerebrating the Expo opening event will be held on May 12. A concert sponsored by Kia Motors and Hyundai Motors Group will be held on May 19 and 25. Finally, a performance of John Legend, overseas popular pop singer, will be held on May 26.
Dancing hero
Main performance during May through June, with exciting song and dance. Hip-hop, contemporary dance music, break-dancing and a variety of other genres will be showcased and passionate performances will captivate the audience.
Ballet Shim Chung
The main performance of ‘World Ocean Festival’ can be enjoyed for just 3 days from May 28 through 30. This performance, a creative ballet works of the Universal Ballet Company, has drawn popularity worldwide since its first performance at the Seoul Asian Games in 1986. As this performance is introduced with the ocean as its backdrop, ambience that is different from that of the past performances will be surely created.
Expo Song Festa
Top bands and artists from the K-pop scenes perform at the Tent Theater. At the Expo Song Festa, the audience may experience authentic features of Korean song that is at a peak of enjoying its glory days recently.
Symposium on climatic change
In May, before the extensive cultural events begin, an international symposium "Effects of Climate Change on the World's Oceans" is scheduled to be held at the Conference Hall of the International Pavilion C for 5 days from May 15 being jointly hosted by 3 international organizations including PICES, IOC and ICES.