Cultural & Art Events

Special Performances by renowned Korean performers

Special Performances by renowned Korean performers
Outstanding smash hits are staged at Yeosu Expo! The Tent Theater will be the site of daily performances spanning a variety of genres: musicals, comedy shows, and K-pop concerts. Children can join in special programs geared to kids at the Kids Fun Lab.
Dancing Hero
Dancing Hero (special silent musical). Main performance during May through June, with exciting song and dance. Hip-hop, contemporary dance music, break-dancing and a variety of other genres will be showcased. The first performance was on May 12 and is continuing until July 2. Most performances are held on Mondays and Wednesdays, but occasionally on other days also, so check the schedule in advance!
I Love Musicals
I Love Musicals (Musical). A gala show of famous musicals includes songs from "Phantom of the Opera", "Mamma Mia", “Grease” and "Saturday Night Fever." Disco, pop dance, ballad, and rock are featured. The combined performance is short but impactful. From June 18 to the end of July.
SAND MAGIC A combination of sand animation and magic show are themed on “an adventure at Yeosu Sea together with the sand fairy.” Don’t miss sand “marbling” and a magic show using jumbosized cards.
The EXPO Song Festa
The EXPO Song Festa Great vocal talents of Korea are gathered. Highlighting live performances that are certain to thrill. Performers include Korea’s best bands and singers originally featured on "Korea's Got Talent."
The Children’s Experience Program
The Children’s Experience Program (Kids Fun Lab). Featured programs are: “Objects” that excite the five senses; “Garuya, Garuya,” a fascinating play about ‘Mother Flour’ and her son; original and imaginative sing-along musical “Children’s Nanta.” Kids can learn how to whistle imitating the sound of seabirds and play ocean drums that imitate the sound of the waves.