Cultural & Art Events

Invitational performances by world's leading performers Big Wave Concert series

An exclusive gift of Yeosu Expo, by artists from home and abroad who represent various genres including classical and pop.
K-pop A concert that picks up global Korean Wave will be held at Big-O Floating Stage a few times every week. The line-up of this series that will satisfy Korean Wave fans at home and abroad includes top artists such as “Busker Busker” who ascended on top of various music charts, including the Billboard K-POP Hot 100 with their latest song, “Night Sea of Yeosu” as well as teen idols such as Wonder Girls, 2PM and Shiny who have become a sensation throughout the world transcending Asia
Overseas artists
Overseas artists In May, a concert by R&B singer John Legend will be featured at Yeosu Expo. Legend broke attendance records during his Korea performances in 2009 and 2011. Legend has sold more than 8 million albums and received 9 Grammy Awards including Best R&B Artist. Performances will feature smooth-sounding hits like “PDA” and “Someday.
Classical Ditto Ensemble, composed of stars from the classical world, is known for its romantic and aweinspiring performances. Musical director Richard Yongjae O’Neill will conduct and composer/DJ Mason Bates brings his Water Symphony combined with media art in amazing “hybrid” multi-performances. A new world of classical music!