Cultural & Art Events

Experience the world! Official Events & National Day Events

Experience the world! Official Events & National Day Events
Countries who participate in the Expo host ‘National Day’ events by each designating one day highlighting their culture. Participating countries present cultural events and visitors can join in the festive celebrations of culture and technology of the country. Official events such as the Opening and Closing Ceremonies are held at the Big-O Floating Stage together with special performances by top artists from home and abroad .
Opening Ceremony Opening Ceremony
Closing Ceremony The two-hour Closing Ceremony will be held on August 12 from 7 PM at the Big-O Floating Stage. We will review our 93-day journey and renew our commitment to the oceans through a joyous celebration joined in by all Expo staff, guests, visitors and performers. Large-scale spectacular shows and magnificent performances unfold over the sea.
Cool Japan StageThemes from film animation will be performed by anime song artists at “Animation Song Live.” The featured performer JAM Project is a 5-member band very popular in Japan. Performance will take place at the Big-O Floating Stage on June 2 at 7 PM.
U.S.A. Cultural Events On July 4, a U.S. Independence Day celebration event will be held. A marching band will perform by the beach and the Harvard University a cappella group “Crocodile Rose” will perform as well.
Nacional de Tango Yeosu Expo features many performances from Argentina. Most are tango-related, and Nacional de Tango is the final performance in August. Tango is the national dance of Argentina. Performances will be on two days from August 9 at 3 PM. Tango performances are rare in Korea so come enjoy the show!