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All the visitors are spectators! Street Performing Festival

All the visitors are spectators! Street Performing Festival
During the Expo period, every corner of the Expo Site will become a stage for street performers. Unique and exotic performances and diversified song and dance that are perfect while waiting to visit a pavilion or just taking a break. Permanent street performances are frequently held at the Expo Plaza and queue areas around pavilions from 9 in the morning till 7:30 in the evening.
Invitational performances by seasoned performers Performance by street performance champions selected at Daidogei World Cup Festival, a famous Japanese street performance-related festival, including a water action show that may cool off heat during hot season, a dinosaur show for the children and a large-scaled puppet performance of birds are highlighted.
Permanent performances by performers from all over the world They are staged by the permanent Expo street performance troupe. Performers selected through local audition in Ukraine and Rumania perform at every corner of Expo site getting together with visitors. They perform mainly around the Aquarium Plaza, the main gates, the pavilion queue areas and the Big-O. The talent shows include jugglers, acrobats and much more.
Youth Fringe Performance - indie bands and dance Young dancers and indie bands will perform together around the Ocean Plaza and Floating Stage. These performances should be enjoyed by audiences of families and young couples alike. The audience will experience a new festival culture based on indie music.
Nanjang (Gathering Performance) where audiences join in with performers This is the Gang-gang-sulrae (traditional Korean hand-inhand circle dance) performance where street performers and the audiences are getting along harmoniously. Performance participants start separately from the Theme Pavilion, Corporate Plaza, the EDG and the Traditional Stage and eventually gather at the Expo Plaza. ‘Nanjang’ originally means a scene where a lot of people are playing together, making a boisterous, loud noise. The performance of ‘Nanjang’ is seen as very positive and signifying harmony.
Prize winners of public contest Tightrope walking, street drama and ‘Panjul’ of the tightrope walking preservation society. A famous mime troupe “Homo Ludens Company,” presents ‘The Day like Today’, ‘Egg Face’ and ‘Robinson Crusoe Island’. These performances are staged mainly at the Ocean Plaza or Corporate Plaza