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Appreciate ballet and opera on the sea World Ocean Festival

Visitors can watch opera, ballet and dance performances that will be held on the Floating Stage! It is a unique experience to watch, against the backdrop of the sea, a feast of ocean performances from Korea and abroad over the water surface thanks to the Big-O Floating Stage that could submerge 20 centimeters underwater. Various shows will be performed from an original play written just for Yeosu Expo to world renowned performances.
Ocean Opera
Ocean Opera Ocean Opera was created by Bruno Schnebelin, the director of Ilotopie street art troupe of France. Schnebelin performed his “Fools on the Water” show at the 2010 Goyang Lake Art Festival. He often says that, “The lake reflects the city. Performing at such place is a precious experience to reflect on urban life.” His Ocean Opera, moving between myth and children’s psyche, has been performed in 45 countries.
From June 20 to 29. Performed every night at 7:30 pm.
Ocean Blast Fever
Ocean Blast Fever An American production, a movement performance with live music. Percussion instruments, a marching band, and dancing are brought together in one show. The show was taken on a U.S. national tour this year, and this is its first performance in Korea. Includes 45 performers.
From June 4-13. Performed nightly at 7:30.
A Girl of the Sea
A Girl of the Sea Directed by Bak Geun-hyeong, known for “Daebaek Jejeon” and “Sama Iyagi,” it is a Korea’s first award-winning original play written for the Expo. A musical including local stories from Yeosu set against the background of the sea, it deals with the themes of sea and earth, and man and love in the manner of a folktale. Features over 70 performers. 42 performances.
From May 13 to 24 and July 1 to August 10.
Ballet Shim Chung
Ballet Shim ChungThe Universal Ballet Company has given over 1,700 performances of this original Korean ballet. A Korean folktale recast to suit contemporary sensibilities, it has also been performed abroad to favorable reviews. Last year at a performance in San Francisco, it received seven curtain calls and standing ovations.
From May 28 to 30. Performed each evening at 7:30.
DJ Dance Show
DJ Dance Show

Choreographed by Ryu Jae-hyeon of Sangsang Gongjang Inc. that produced “Seoul Cultural Evening” and “World DJ Festival”. Famous DJs from Korea and overseas have been invited to participate in a large-scale party. A sensational summer celebration that reflects the tastes of young generation and foreigners.
From 9:30 PM throughout the Expo period.