Cultural & Art Events

The Big-O Show on the Big-O Floating Stage

The performance is an “ocean play”, a new genre, fusing a world-class show with a narrative drama, street performance based on “Korean masked play”, an art circus, water stunts and a water stream show altogether. Along with the Multi-media show, this performance is a representative event of Yeosu Expo. Odol of Yeosu tells the tale of King Seolhwa, praying for the harmony of ocean and civilization with the theme of the Land of Ocean Blue.

The ocean characters and Yeonany, a larger-than life, 11-meter marionette, will be accompanied by a thrilling water board and jet-ski stunt show and a spectacular 3-D air circus using wire ropes and trampolines. The Ocean Show begins with a performance at the EDG and Expo Plaza. The 70-minute daily show (including main performance and curtain calls) that is held in the evening employs the entire Big-O Floating Stage.
Show time Everyday 2 pm - 3:10 pm, the Big-O area.