Thematic Facilities

Energy Park As a site for educating children about the future, the Energy Park allows children to directly experience the principles of energy production. An energy experience facility offers children a fun opportunity to directly operate energy-related items like a solar generator that can provide electric energy to 700 households simultaneously, an energy maze game, water cannons, and a “recyclable rocket”. A must-see is the online electric bus powered by wireless energy, unlike traditionally powered cars.

Over ten experience facilities can be enjoyed, such as the new renewable energy maze game, the “energy orchestra” that plays the official song of Yeosu Expo when a reflected sunlight hits the keyboard, the "water cannon bike” and “water play pump” that produces hydro-energy using the force of falling water.

Fisheries Experience Zone The large, 2,000-ton boat in the Energy Park is another experience facility where you can experience both traditional and state- of-the-art fishery. Board the boat and watch the 4-D simulation of capturing tuna as well as the freezing and canning process. The 1-meter long tuna fish adds a splash of realism. Miniatures of traditional and modern fishery methods are exhibited as well. It will be fun to compare the old and new.

The Fisheries Experience Zone (Deep Sea) allows viewers to operate an actual 2,000 ton ship such as those used on the stormy seas. There is an exhibit showing tuna processing.


Fisheries Experience Zone Fishing boats along the Coast of Odong Island, mini-fish farms, and moveable “Marine Forest” represent the changes in Korean fishing methods throughout the years. The goal is to open the viewer’s eyes to the necessity of resource management.
The experience exhibits are located outdoor to provide a freer viewing, where you can pull a net just like those used at fish farms to harvest oysters, clams and abalone. The moveable “Marine Forest," about the size of half a basketball court, is for growing sea grasses, where tiny tropical and larger fishes swim. 1,000 viewers can be accommodated for each 30-minutes period.


The Fisheries Experience Zone (Coastal) shows how fish are caught and processed.