BIG-O, using the nature as a stage The Big-O was constructed to connect the breakwater with the Expo site. Many important events will be held at the Big-O, deemed as the heart of Yeosu Expo. The Big-O, a gigantic structure resembling the letter O produces special effects with water jets and a stage that goes up and down freely. It is 120 meters wide and consists of three fan shaped structures in a row. It has 345 fountain nozzles in total which shoot water going as high as 70 meters. The Big-O also presents a mix of laser show, holograms and a water fountain show. The fountain show will be presented every hour on weekdays. The Big-O is a perfect place to visit with family for it is an open area and you can feel the nature while watching the show

On the Big-O Floating Stage, the Ocean Show will be presented for 70 minutes at 2 pm, World Ocean Festival at 7:30 pm, and the Big-O Show at 9:30 pm. You don't want to miss any of these shows, performed at the heart of the Expo site.

The Big-O is equipped with convenience facilities such as ocean play-ground, media experience place, resting facilities and many others. The Big-O can accommodate a various group of visitors from family to colleagues. If you need a place to rest,

eaturing gigantic LED screens Expo Digital Gallery During the entire period of Yeosu Expo, you will be able to see huge LED screens hanging from the ceiling. The screen is 218 meters wide and 30 meters long which is 6,324 units of 60 inches TVs combined altogether. The large screen installed on the ceiling of the passageway of the International Pavilion displays various forms of marine life as well as Korean traditional folklores such as “The Life of Shim-Cheong,” and “The Four Guardian Gods of the King” along with children's paintings of Korea, China and Japan that represent the theme of the Expo. Unlike other pavilions, visitors don’t have to wait in a long line to watch the EDG, but simply look up and see the screen while walking. Visitors can go interactive at the EDG by using their smartphones to send their pictures with a message to be shown up on the LED screen.

“Dreaming Whale,” the centerpiece of the EDG First, download the Yeosu Expo application to your smarphone. Then take a photo and upload it through the application. An image of humpback whale, called ‘Dreaming Whale’, will be formed by gathering all the photos uploaded. If you click on a button “search for your position”, you may be able to locate your photos. Dreaming Whale signifies and embodies the creative concept of the EDG.

A camera, which is installed within the EDG, will randomly shoot visitors’ faces, make the photo into a water bubble shape, and display the photo on the LED screen on the ceiling.

A rebirth of abandoned silos, the Sky Tower The Sky Tower is a symbolic construction made by transforming a pair of industrialization-period abandoned silos into a beautiful artistic masterpiece. On the outside of the Sky Tower installed is a pipe organ named ‘Vox Maris’ (meaning ‘the sound of the sea’ in Latin) which makes the greatest sound in the world. The pipe organ, based on the Expo’s marine concept, was created after a boat horn (referred to the sound of the sea). It has 80 scales similar to a piano and the maximum sound of 138.4 decibels so it delivers its sound as far as 6 kilometers away. The silo No. 1 has a theater showing a film of wonderful scenery of the south coast. The silo No. 2 houses a facility that holds 12 tons of desalinated seawater prepared for you to try. On the observation deck, you can watch the entire Expo site, downtown Yeosu and even Odong Island at one sight.

The Sky Tower’s observation deck is located on the highest place of whole Expo site. It is definitely the best place to take commemorative photos with the Expo site as a backdrop!

The Sky Tower pipe organ, made of 80 boat horn pipes, will be played live six times a day, delivering national anthem of participating countries and other tunes.

Eco-friendly aquarium It is the biggest aquarium in Korea, where you can observe 34,000 marine animals from 281 species including rare species such as Baikal seal and Russian beluga. The Aquarium consists of a 360 degree 'Aquadome' and a large-sized water tank, in which about 20,000 sardines move around. The Aquarium also has a 3-D theater, equipped with 41 separately operated seats, that displays a thrilling 3-D animation of small fishes’ running away from a shark. The animation lasts for about 5 minutes. The Aquarium is free of charge but the 3-D theater charges 5,500 Korean wons for adults and 4,500 wons for students under 18.

A touch pool installed at 'Ocean Life' section of the Aquarium will provide you an unforgettable touch pool experience with doctor fish. You don't want to miss the chance!!

The 4-storied Aquarium consists of three exhibition halls. Each hall has different marine species representing different habitats so you can save time by choosing the exhibition hall you are most interested in before entering, instead of trying to see the whole aquarium.