Come to the Yeosu Expo for a special experience

Abandoned silos turned into an eighty-note pipe organ: the Sky TowerThe Sky Tower

56 meter-tall, abandoned cement silos on the beach have been transformed into the world’s loudest pipe organ. The music from its pipes can be heard up to 6 km away, and it was also recently listed in the Guinness World Records. The seawater desalination facility within the Sky Tower and the observation deck looking over the entire Expo site are a must-see for all.

the Sky Tower

34,000 fish of 281 different typesKorea’s greatest aquarium

The Yeosu Expo Aquarium is three-times the size of the Coex Aquarium in Seoul and thereby the largest in Korea. Not only hard-to-see marine creatures, such as the beluga whale, Baikal seal, largha (spotted) seal and the sea dragon, but also exotic species from the Amazon, such as pirarucu and piranha, have taken up residence here. Korea’s first 360-degree view, dome-shaped, huge water tank will make visitors believe they are standing in the middle of the ocean.

Korea’s greatest aquarium

Transforming Yeosu’s night seaThe Big-O

A magnificent and spectacular event set upon a huge stage floating on the open sea! The Big-O, Yeosu Expo’s emblematic space is home to the Big-O Show. The sea’s arousing nature and state-of-the-art technology come together to create an awe-inspiring world of dreams.

The Big O

A digital sea in the skyExpo Digital Gallery (EDG)

The EDG is a cultural and art gallery where visitors can experience cutting-edge digital technology. The Dreaming Whale navigates the LED screen on the ceiling of the EDG and feeds on the photos sent by visitors. The more the photos are sent, the greater the whale grows in size. Try shouting to it at a certain spot and it will swim towards you.

Expo Digital Gallery (EDG)