State-of-the-art technologies gathered together in one place.

Ocean & Coast Best Practice AreaOCBPA

The world’s best policies, technologies, know-how and goods, all of which can be benchmarked, in the marine and coastal fields can now be accessed in one place. Visitors are invited to take part in various seminars and events, and rare samples from around the world are exhibited.


Have you heard of the sea mustard car?Marine Industry & Technology Pavilion

The Marine Industry & Technology Pavilion highlights the significance of the marine industry as future growth engine which creates substantial added value and jobs. Visitors are sure to be impressed with the advanced, environmentally-conscious technologies showcased at this pavilion, including future eco-friendly cars made of high-impact plastic made from algae and the microalgae-based CO2 elimination system.

Marine Industry & Technology Pavilion

The world’s first exhibition space built on the seaTheme Pavilion

The Theme Pavilion is a focal space materializing the Expo theme “Living Ocean and Coasts.” Every night magnificent images are projected on its kinetic façade. Be sure to watch a moving story of a boy who loves the ocean and a dugong at the Main Show Room.

Theme Pavilion

Leading technologies and green dreamsKorea Shipping & Ports Pavilion and Individual Company Pavilions

The Korea Shipping & Ports Pavilion traces the history of Korea’s port system and maritime transport industry, and presents promising new technologies in the field. The Individual Company Pavilions consist of pavilion of seven major Korean companies: Hyundai Motor Group, SAMSUNG, SK Telecom, LG, GS Caltex, LOTTE, and POSCO. Each of these global companies showcases highly advanced technologies with fun and educational contents and exhibits.

Korea Shipping & Ports Pavilion and Individual Company Pavilions

Recommended Tour Route Start

  1. Enter (Gate 1)
  2. Korea Shipping & Ports Pavilion
  3. Individual Company Pavilions
  4. The Ocean Show at the Big-O
  5. Theme Pavilion
  6. Ocean & Coast Best Practice Area (OCBPA)
  7. Marine Industry & Technology Pavilion
  8. Local Governments Pavilion
  9. International Pavilion
  10. The Big-O Show (night time)