Love Meets the Sea

Yeosu’s Scenic Beauty at a GlanceSky Tower

There is a German legend that tells of a mermaid named "Lorelei" who used to sit on a rock and bewitch passing sailors with her enchanting songs. It seems a similar story will happen at Yeosu Expo. The Sky Tower that used to be a pair of cement silos is now a harp-shaped pipe organ. Visitors are invited to enjoy its mystical music and admire the magnificent view of the city from observation deck on top of the Sky Tower.

Sky Tower

Korea with the SeasKorea Pavilion

Korea’s long maritime history is exhibited at the Korea Pavilion. The elegant curves of the building, which conjure up images of the taeguk (yin-yang) symbol, are a sight to behold. The world’s largest dome screen inside the Korea Pavilion brings to life the beautiful watersy of Korea and the energy of the Korean people.

Korea Pavilion

One-stop Trip around the WorldInternational Pavilion

The International Pavilion is not only the largest pavilion at Yeosu Expo, but it is also a melting pot of a multitude of cultures from the world’s six continents and the five oceans. In particular, the Pavilion will offer the unique opportunity to learn about the cultures of the Southern Pacific states, such as Tuvalu and Kiribati-countries alien to the Korean people. Come and meet citizens from the global village and enjoy a diverse range of exhibitions, performances and foods.

International Pavilion

The Spectacular Show over the seaThe Big O

beautiful watersy of KoreaThe Big O is for outdoor performances held over the sea – the first of its kind and exclusive at Yeosu Expo. A variety of performances, events, and fountain shows are staged over the sea at the Big O. Furthermore, K-pop concerts have been scheduled to heat up the stage every weekend in the evening. "The O", an O-shaped over-the-sea structure, is a sight worth seeing. Water, flames, light and laser images will embroider the empty space inside the O, creating a memorable experience for all.

The Big O

Recommended Tour Route Start Start

  1. Enter (Gate 4)
  2. Korea Pavilion
  3. Aquarium
  4. Energy Park
  5. Sky Tower
  6. The Ocean Show
  7. International Pavilion
  8. Climate & Environment Pavilion
  9. The Big-O Show (night time)