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The polar bears are in danger!Climate & Environment Pavilion

The glaciers in the North Pole are melting, and the polar bears are losing their natural habitat. For people living in Korea, however, it is not easy to realize the consequences of such change. The Climate & Environment Pavilion has been designed with the 4 meter-high Arctic glacier and ice shelf and an ice tunnel much like those found in the South Pole. Experience harsh snow storms and learn about the various disasters and damage that can result from climate change. Let’s think about what we can do to reverse these phenomena.

The polar bears are in danger!

Learning about cutting-edge marine technologyOcean & Coast Best Practice Area (OCBPA)

This Pavilion highlights the various challenges humankind has met at sea and the victories they have won, including the deep sea research submersible, “Shinkai 6500.” Visitors can learn about various cutting-edge marine technologies, such as the marine observation system, which warns of undersea earthquakes and tsunamis, and a system which measures the spread of an oil spill at sea.

Learning about cutting-edge marine technology

For the next generation global leadersInternational Organizations Pavilion

The International Organizations Pavilion showcases the missions, activities and efforts of ten prestigious international organizations in the areas of marine and environmental issues. Each exhibition offers a valuable opportunity for you to reflect on what you can do to achieve harmony between humankind and the environment and a better future for all people.

International Organizations Pavilion

360 degree underwater experienceThe Aquarium

Start at the “Marine Life” exhibit where you can see up close endangered coastal species, such as beluga whales and Baikal seals. Then, move on to the “Ocean Life” exhibit where you are the audience for a dazzling show put on by over 34,000 fish swimming around the Korea’s largest 16-meter dome tank with a 360-degree view.

The Aquarium

Recommended Tour Route Start

  1. Enter (Gate 1)
  2. Ocean and Coast Best Practice Area (OCBPA)
  3. International Organizations Pavilion
  4. DSME Marine Robot Pavilion
  5. Fisheries Experience Zone (Deep Sea)
  6. the Aquarium
  7. Energy Park
  8. International Pavilion
  9. Climate & Environment Pavilion
  10. Aquarium
  11. The Big-O Show (night time)