An exciting sea experience for families!

An undersea treasure huntMarine Civilization & City Pavilion

The Arabian dhow ship (length 28_m, width 7.8_m), which sank 1,200 years ago, has reappeared. This is a life-sized model of the dhow ship when it was first discovered near Indonesia in 1998. The Marine Civilization & City Pavilion incorporates the continuous challenge humankind has faced in co-existing with the seas. Take your children on a tour inside a wrecked ship and look for hidden treasures, and enjoy discovering what an underwater city in 2050 will look like.

An undersea treasure hunt

An exciting festival of robotsDSME Marine Robot Pavilion

Korea’s Mero, America’s Charlie, UK’s Thespian and France’s Nao are familiar names to anyone interested in robots. To the delight of many, they have gathered together at Yeosu. In addition, a 6.5-meter-tall robot called Navi will be unveiled at the Expo. Navi will go deep sea exploring in search of resources some 6,000_m underwater, which it will mine. This is an experience not to be missed if you have children who like robots!

An exciting festival of robots

Say hello to a white beluga whale!Aquarium & Marine Life Pavilion

The Aquarium at Yeosu Expo is the largest of its kind in Korea. Visitors will have the chance to not only see a rare white beluga whale, Baikal seal and sea dragons but also 34,000 sea creatures of 281 different species. Located within the same building, the Marine Life Pavilion has a mudflat of 25_m in length and 4_m in width, offering visitors a glimpse into mudflat ecosystems, which include species such as the blue-spotted mud hopper and ragworms.

Say hello to a white beluga whale!

Energy ParkHands-on experience of the principle of energy

Visitors can acquire firsthand experience of the principle of energy generation through various activities. Participate in various entertaining exhibits that use different new and renewable energy sources, such as the energy maze game, water cannon bikes, and bottle rockets. Also, hop on the online electronic bus, which can be recharged wirelessly.

Energy Park

Recommended Tour Route Start

  1. Enter (Gate 1)
  2. Ocean and Coast Best Practice Area (OCBPA)
  3. International Organizations Pavilion
  4. DSME Marine Robot Pavilion
  5. Fisheries Experience Zone (Deep Sea)
  6. the Aquarium
  7. Energy Park
  8. International Pavilion
  9. Climate & Environment Pavilion
  10. Aquarium
  11. Big O Show (night time)