Railroad Route Map

Railroad Route Map

KR pass

This ticket is exclusively for foreign travelers. Foreign travelers can buy a KR PASS voucher (e-ticket) from overseas distributors or from the KORAIL homepage. They can exchange the e-ticket at major train stations in Korea, and use the ticket for the designated period of time. KR PASS holders can travel for free on all trains managed by KORAIL, which includes KTX trains, but not subways or tourism trains. There are no limits on the frequency of travel or travel area.

*After purchasing the KR PASS, it will take at least 5 days for the voucher (e-ticket) to be ready.

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Train Stations in Seoul

Seoul Station

Seoul Station is the most important train station in Korea. From this station, you can travel to Busan and Gyeongju, by taking the Gyeongbu line.
In fact, most railroad routes start from Seoul Station with the exception of the Jungang line and the Gyeongchun line.

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Located in Seoul Station Square. Seoul subway station (lines no.1 & 2). exits 13 and 2.

Cheongnyangni Station

From Cheongnyangni Station, you can travel to Gyeongju and other places in Gyeongsangbuk-do province and to Gangwon-do province. Particularly popular destinations from Cheongnyangni Station are Gangneung in Gangwon-do province and Andong in Gyeongsangbuk-do province.

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Cheongnyangni subway station (line no.1) exit 4.

Seongbuk Station

The Gyeongchun line runs from Seongbuk station. The line runs along the Hangang River to various tourist attractions and resorts, and has many scenic views. Popular destinations for one-day or weekend trips are Chuncheon, Cheongpyeong, Gapyeong and Gangchon Stations.

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Seongbuk subway station (line no.1) exit 1.

Yongsan Station

Since the introduction of the KTX express train, Yongsan station has been an important transportation hub in Seoul. Along with Seoul Station, Yongsan Station is one of the main train stations in Seoul. Be sure you check your ticket to make sure you go to the right station. The Honam line departs from Yongsan station.

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Yongsan subway station (line no.1), or 250m walk from exit #4 of Sinyongsan subway station (line no.4).

Classification of Trains

Korea Train Express(KTX) = High Speed Express Train

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  • KTX train
    <KTX train>
  • Standard Passenger Car
    <Standard Passenger Car>
  • First Class Car
    <First Class Car>
  • Vending Machine
    <Vending Machine>

The Saemaeul Train = First Class Train

  • Saemaeul train
    <Saemaeul train>
  • Bathroom
  • Vending machine
    <Vending machine>
  • Armchair

The Mugunghwa Train = Second Class Train

  • Inside the train
    <Inside the train>
  • Doorway
  • Heating system
    <Heating system>
  • Washroom


* Source: Visitkorea