Seoul Bus

Seoul's Bus Map

Find the easiest and most convenient way to your destination by using the Seoul Bus Map Service. Just enter your departure and destination, and then you can see which bus route you must take. By using this bus map, you can know the correct bus route to your destination. The bus map service is provided by Seoul City.

Seoul's New Bus System

On July 1, 2004, the Seoul Metropolitan Government introduced a newly updated public transportation system. To learn more about the new bus system of Seoul, just go to this website.

Buy a T-money and Be Ready for Sightseeing in Seoul!

While traveling in Seoul, you may have been intrigued by some beeping sounds coming from peoples wallets, bags or even mobile phone rings as they touched a sensor when getting on or off the bus or subway. This is a transportation card or commonly called T-money which can be used for buses or subways while traveling in Seoul as well as Incheon, Ilsan, and Bundang areas. It's very convenient and is compact to slip into your wallet or purse or even onto your handphone.

* Source: Visitkorea