Transportation Cards

T-money Card

The T-money Card can be used for local buses and subways in Seoul and the surrounding Gyeonggi-do area. By using T-money, you can get a 100-won discount off the basic cash fare. It provides you with even more of a discount when making transfers. Perhaps the biggest benefit of this particular card is that it allows you to avoid the hassle of buying tickets, and the balance on the card minus 500 won can be refunded at any time during its use. T-money is a pre-paid card and the card price is 2,500 won. Users of the T-money card can get mileage points, which can be converted into T-money.

Card price: 2,500 won.
Vendors: Nearly all convenience stores, including GS25, and subway ticket booths.
Use: To pay fares for buses and subways in the Seoul and Gyeonggi area and build mileage points based on the total of fares paid. The mileage can be used to pay fares later on. To do so, the 16-digit number printed on the back of the card needs to be registered at
Recharging locations: Vendor locations Refund locations: GS25 convenience store

How to use


  • 1. As shown in the first photo on the left, get on the bus and place the card on the sensor located to your right. When you place the card on the sensor, the fare will be displayed on the top, and the total of fares paid so far will be shown at the bottom.
  • 2. When you need to transfer, place the card on the sensor when getting off the bus in order to get a discount.


1. A sensor is located on the top of each ticket turnstile. Place the card lightly on the sensor. You also need to place the card on the sensor when leaving the subway station.

Huge discounts! How do I get discounts for transfers?

In Seoul, fares are charged based on distance, so transfer discounts are available, but only when a transportation card such as T-money Card is used. For instance, if you take local buses and subways five times within 10 km and pay the fares by T-money, the total fare will be 900 won. If you pay these fares in cash, the total will be 4,500 won. In order to enjoy transfer discounts, you must place the card on the sensor at the front of the bus when getting on and place it on the sensor at the rear door of the bus when getting off.

How do I recharge T-money?

When the balance is low, T-money can be recharged by cash in amounts from 1,000 won to 90,000 won at any T-money vendor. Recharging machines have recently been installed at subway stations as well. Every convenience shop or vendor kiosk on a street selling or recharging T-money has the sticker shown above.

How to Recharge Your Transportation Card at the Station

Ticket Vending and Reload Device

How to Recharge Your Transportation Card at the Station

  • ① The Ticket Vending and Reload machines located in the subway stations operate in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. To switch to your language simply touch the appropriate button and the rest of the process will proceed in the selected language.
  • ② Touch the T-money card icon on the right side of the screen.
  • ③ Place your T-money card on the electronic card reader marked with the T-money logo.
  • ④ Select the amount you wish to add to your card.
  • ⑤ Put the money into the machine.
  • ⑥ Wait until the recharging process is completed, and don’t forget to check the balance of your card before and after recharging. Take the card with you.

* Please note: T-money cards can also be conveniently bought and recharged in most convenience stores. Simply look for the T-money logo in the window to confirm.


If you are leaving Korea or moving to another region outside Seoul and no longer need T-money, you can receive a refund for the balance on your card at GS25 minus a 500-won fee. The card price of 2,500 won is not refundable. Instead, you can keep the card as a souvenir. For more information, visit the official website ( / English).

Seoul City Pass and Seoul City Tour Bus

Seoul City Pass is a transportation card for tourists. With this single card, you can ride subways in Seoul and the surrounding Gyeonggi-do area and local buses in Seoul up to 20 times a day without limit on distance. You can also ride the palace route, downtown route, and night view route of Seoul City Tour Bus without limit.

Type 1-day pass 2-day pass 3-day pass
Price 15,000 won 25,000 won 35,000 won
Seoul City Tour Bus
No limit for 1 day No limit for 2 days No limit for 3 days
Bus/subway 20 rides per day 20 times per day
40 times in total
20 times per day
60 times in total
  • - Applicable transportation means: Subways in Seoul and Gyeonggi-do, Blue/Green/Yellow bus. → Information on types of buses in Seoul.
  • - Cannot be used on the Red Bus and buses operated in the Gyeonggi-do and Incheon areas.

Vendor and Refund

Vendor: GS25, Family Mart, and MINISTOP convenience stores (located on the arrival floor of Incheon International Airport), Dongdaemun Tourist Information Office, Gwanghwamun Tourist Information Office, Itaewon Tourist Information Office, Gimpo Airport Tourist Information Office, Samilgyo Tourist Information Office, Myeong-dong Tourist Information Office, Namdaemun Tourist Information Office, and Jamsil Tourist Information Office.
Refund: Not available

Seoul City Pass Plus

Seoul City Pass Plus Card also has the functions of a transportation card in addition to all the functions of a Seoul City Pass Card. This card is all that tourists need to move around Seoul.
The sales, recharging, and refund of the card are handled at nearly every convenience store in Korea, including Family Mart, GS25, Seven-Eleven, Buy The Way, and MINISTOP. Payment can also be made with the card at the four major palaces (Gyeongbokgung Palace, Changdeokgung Palace, Changgyeonggung Palace, and Deoksugung Palace), Jongmyeo and convenience shops. Various discounts are offered at about 60 affiliated stores, including cultural & tourist sites, attractions, restaurants, and eyeglass and beauty shops.
In short, it has T-money card plus discount benefits on a single card. Since the T-money Card is 2,500 won, you can enjoy various other benefits for just an additional 500 won, including discounts on admission fees and a 5% discount on the Seoul City Tour Bus.

  • Price: 3,000 won (Includes a guide booklet and discount coupons for select businesses)
  • Applicable uses: Seoul bus and subway system and surrounding areas (just as T-money card), Seoul City Tour Bus (5% off)
  • Note: The price of the Seoul City Pass Plus is not refundable. However, when you no longer require it, you can receive a refund for the balance on your card minus a 500 won fee.
  • For more information, visit the official website (

* Source: Visitkorea