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Unique Record of Yeosu Expo in 93 days

Ten categories selected… get a glimpse of the past three months


The Organizing Committee of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea, in its August 10th report, published a record of ten unique categories which shows the scale and achievements of the Expo. The records include some unique items such as the number of meals served, followers of the official Expo twits, number of aluminum cans and used PET bottles thrown in can collectors at the Expo.

1. Operating hours

 The expo continued for 93 days from May 12th to August 12th, and the total operating hours amounted to 1,309 hours, opening its doors daily from 8:30am to 10:30pm.

2. Highest visitor turnout

 Visitor number reached 110,939 on May 27th, and steadily increased to 122,830 on July 12th, 140,100 on July 21st, and peaked on July 29th at 272,527.

3. Number of pictures swallowed by the “Dreaming Whale”

 The “Dreaming Whale” at EDG, a user-interactive program that attracted the most number of participants at the Expo, gulped down around 1 million pictures sent by over 3 million tourists.

 The 218-meter long, 30-meter wide EDG, located in the center of the international pavilion area, is consisted of mega large LED screens with the highest resolutions (6.53-mega pixels). “Story of Shim-cheong” is the most often aired video at the EDG with 888 plays in total. 

4. Eating is paramount—number of meals served at the Expo

 Around 4.6 million meals were served to over 60 percent of the visitors from May 12th to August 4th in dining facilities at the Expo. Moreover, the Expo kept a perfect record of hygiene during the period, without breaking out a single food-poisoning incident.

5. Followers of the official Yeosu Expo Twitter account

 The number of people following Yeosu Expo on Twitter ( currently stands at 31,441 as of August 3rd, and numerous celebrities including Jo Su-mi, IU, Seven, SHINEE, Yoon Do-hyun and John Legend have mentioned the Expo on Twitter.

6. How many cans and bottles did can-recycling machines at the Expo collect?

There are a number of eco-friendly facilities at the Expo site which invites visitors to practice environmentalism while looking around the Expo. Among them is “Eco Clean House”, a recycling machine that collects and recycles cans and plastic bottles. Five “Eco Clean Houses”, installed at Expo Digital Gallery, the Theme Pavilion and other areas inside the Expo site, have collected 31,065 cans and 31,703 plastic bottles, reducing 5,991,670 grams of CO2 emission.

7. How much are participating nations’ exhibits worth?

104 participating nations brought in invaluable exhibitions and contents worth 13.5 billion won. They include 600 million won worth of diamond displayed at the Belgium Pavilion and 29 million won worth of amber at the Lithuania Pavilion.

8. Which pavilion was the most popular with visitors?

Aquarium attracted the largest number of visitors at the Expo. Since the Yeosu Expo opened, 2,256,963 people (as of August 7) have visited the place. They didn’t mind waiting in a long line, excited to meet rare marine life such as Russian white whale “Belugas” and Weedy Seadragons

9. A man floating in the air?! How long did “The Zero Gravity-Man” float in the air?

 Out of numerous street performances staged at Expo Digital Gallery, “The Zero Gravity-Man” was the most eye-catching performance that captivated the audience. The audience held their breath and watched the zero gravity man floating in the air. The performance has been staged 279 times in total for 13,950 minutes. The secret of how to keep a man up in the air for such a long time is still hidden to the audience.

10. Call “Yeosu Expo Call Center” at 1577-2012

Yeosu Expo’s official call center has answered 241,846 visitor inquiries (as of August 9). The highest number of inquiries the center received in a day is 3,383, and a total of 31 call center operators have handled visitor calls.

Other interesting figures to consider

210,000 – The number of Expo passports and notepads sold at the Expo (as of August 8), which invites visitors to travel the world without planes.

50,000 – The number of signatures collected in support of the “Yeosu Declaration”, the spiritual legacy of the Yeosu Expo



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