Subject Yeosu Declaration Opens the Era of the Sea
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Yeosu Declaration Opens the Era of the Sea

Heads of International Organizations to Gather in Yeosu

to Seek “Green Growth in the Ocean” on August 12


Yeosu Declaration Forum is set to issue the Yeosu Declaration, a declaration that sets out a vision for “green growth in the ocean”, and discuss ways to realize the pledges made under the declaration.

The Organizing Committee for Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea announced that it would hold the Yeosu Declaration Forum under the theme of “sustainable use of the sea and green growth in the ocean” on August 12 at Expo hall, the International Pavilion Block C.

The forum will host high-ranking government officials and heads of international organizations, such as UNESCO, FAO and IMO, including Korean Prime Minister Kim Hwang-sik, Tuvaluan Prime Minister Willy Telavi and UN Secretary General Ban Gi-moon, along with world-renowned marine experts and scholars from both home and abroad. During the event, the Yeosu Declaration will be finalized after two years of cooperation between participating nations at Yeosu Expo and marine experts from all around the world. It will also discuss detailed measures to implement the promises made under the declaration.

The Yeosu Declaration Forum is expected to be the largest international symposium held at the Yesou Expo so far, drawing around 800 marine experts and scholars from home and abroad along with ordinary citizens who visit the Yeosu Expo.

The Yeosu Declaration, the spiritual legacy of the Yeosu Expo which showcases transformative technological progress and future vision, sets itself apart from previous declarations solely focused on environmental preservation by highlighting the need to pursue “green growth in the ocean” through technological innovation.

In a roundtable discussion that will precede the Yeosu Declaration Forum, officials who drafted and examined the Declaration will gather for an open discussion regarding implementation measures of the Declaration under the theme of “Providing implementation measures to realize Yeosu Declaration through concrete actions.”

During the Forum, seven panelists including Prime Minister Willy Telavi of Tubalu, heads of international organizations and President Kang Jung-geuk of Korea Institute of Ocean Science & Technology will represent their organization and country and discuss their expectations for the Declaration and implementation measures.

After that, the Prime Minister of Tubalu, a Pacific island nation that is in danger of being submerged under water due to climate change, is expected to read out the Declaration. This will likely to focus global attention on crises brought by climate change and highlight the significance of the Declaration.

The results of the Forum and roundtable discussion will be published in English and distributed among international organizations, marine institutes, governments and civil organizations, and the Organizing Committee of Yeosu Expo plans to further promote the message of the Declaration around the world with these measures.

Hwang Eui-seon, the director of overseas management department of the Committee, was quoted as saying, “Through the Forum, it will be able to expand the marine population and raise public awareness towards ocean-related agendas in Korea, and to strengthen cooperation between countries in areas such as developing innovative technologies, establishing monitoring systems to tackle problems in the ocean” and added “The Declaration will suggest a role and future direction for Korea in the area of marine development, and greatly help Korea to become a global leader in marine science and industry.”


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