Subject “Most beautiful Expo Ever”
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“Most beautiful Expo Ever”

10,000 public figures visited Yeosu from around the world… produced great reviews on the Expo


“The Expo is beautiful, and has a perfect condition for tourists to look around. Many foreign commentators agree that Yeosu Expo beats all other previous expos in terms of beauty.” – Vincente Loscertales, Secretary General of BIE

“The Expo has such a beautiful setting and wonderful educational contents, hopefully more people would come and visit the Expo.” – Cardinal Jung Jin-seok

“Yeosu Expo once again proved Korea’s competitiveness to the world.” – Sung Kim, US ambassador to Korea

These are some of the comments from the numerous public figures who made a visit to Yeosu Expo.

The Organizing Committee noted, in its August 8th report, that around 10,000 domestic and foreign celebrities visited the Expo and gave out rave reviews.

In Korea, a total of 6,646 leading figures including President Lee Myung-bak, Prime Minister Kim Huang-shik, Minister of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs Kwon Do-youp have visited the Expo and expressed amazement at the Expo’s exhibition facilities such as Korea Pavilion, Theme Pavilion, and Sky Tower.

Park Ji-sung, who is a PR ambassador of Yeosu Expo and top player in the UK football league, also made a visit to the Expo and wished for greater support and participation from the public.

The number of public figures who visited the Expo from abroad amounted to 2,801 from 100-odd countries, including the President of Paraguay Fernando Lugo on May 28th, King Carl XVI Gustaf and Queen Silvia of Sweden on June 1st, Prince of Monaco Albert II on June 3rd and Willem-Alexander, Prince of Orange from the Netherlands on June 18th.

The foreign visitors exhibited great appreciation of the Expo’s message on the Ocean and commented that the exhibitions were very inspirational.

An emeritus professor of Tokyo University, Mr. Horigawa, was quoted as saying, “The subject theme of an expo tends to be more on the educational side, but Yeosu Expo succeeded in securing all of the informative, fun and inspirational qualities at the same time and received great response from the audience” and added that “The Theme Pavilion of Yeosu Expo is exceptional compared to those of previous six expos.”

Foreign participants at the Expo also took part in a one-month program named “Learning about Korean Culture” from July to August, and were amazed by the country’s traditional music, delicious food and recreational facilities such as Slow City. They also commented that the program served a great opportunity for them to increase their understanding toward Korea, a small country at the tip of East Asia but also home to great culture and superior economic development.


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