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About Volunteer Cente

Welcome! I sincerely thank you for visiting the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea Volunteer Work Center.

The Volunteer Work Center was launched on November 5, 2010, in the office of the Organizing Committee office in Seoul. The purpose of the Volunteer Work Center is to ensure that Korean and foreign visitors receive the best possible services at the Expo and to draw public participation and cooperation for the success of the event.

The Korea Council of Volunteering, headed by Lee Je-hoon, was chosen through a bidding process to supervise operations of the Volunteer Work Center, including the recruitment, training, and work assignments of volunteers, whose candidates number around 13,000 to date.
The Korea Council of Volunteering is a leading volunteer organization founded under the Volunteer Activity Act of the Republic of Korea. It consists of some 400 members and partners in Korea.

Volunteers provide diverse services including visitor guidance, order maintenance, interpretation, convenience facility operations, event management assistance, and safety and transportation management, among others.

The Yeosu Expo is the first event held in Korea where a private organization has been recruited to operate volunteer work projects. The Korea Council of Volunteering plays an important role in the Yeosu Expo, urging the active participation of volunteers and cooperation among diverse organizations for its success.

Korea Council of Volunteering