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Welcome! I sincerely thank you for visiting the Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea Volunteers Work Center.

The Yeosu Expo marks the first time in Korea where a private volunteering organization,
the Korea Council of Volunteering, has been recruited to operate and manage the volunteer work program of a major event. I am confident that the cooperation between the Korea Council of Volunteering and the Expo’s Volunteer Work Center will boost public participation in the event, ensuring all visitors to the Expo enjoy top-notch services.

It is now virtually unimaginable to find a major event without volunteer workers in any country across the world. Indeed, the role of volunteer workers has grown increasingly important, serving as a barometer of a nation’s standing in the international community.
There is no doubt that the success of an event lies in the active and diverse participation of volunteer workers.

Volunteer work for the Yeosu Expo, which will be held for 3 months, carries special meaning for several reasons.

First, volunteering at an international festival offers volunteers a unique opportunity to experience diverse cultures and develop a global mindset as well as contribute to the enhancement of the nation’s brand image.

Second, volunteers have the opportunity to advance their volunteering competence through world-class training programs and accredited evaluation processes. Their experiences in connecting with people beyond national and generational boundaries are also of significant value, as these experiences will help them to become more rounded individuals.

Finally, volunteers are offered a great chance to explore the beauty and uniqueness of Korea’s Southern Coast, visiting such tourist spots as the Boseong Tea Field, Haenam Village, Hallyeosudo Marine National Park, Maehwa (Japanese apricot tree) Village in Gwangyang, and Nagan Folk Village as well as historical Buddhist temples including Seonanm-sa and Songgwang-sa, just to name a few.

I would like to thank all the volunteers in advance for your participation and dedication to the successful holding of the Yeosu Expo and I look forward to meeting each of you in the beautiful port city of Yeosu in 2012..

Thank you.