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Assistance and Support for Volunteers

Items Provided

Uniforms, hats, sneakers, and bags

Accommodations and Meals

  • Accommodations : Provided for non-local volunteers (in the Expo Town)
  • Meals : Three meals provided for non-local volunteers on weekdays only
    one meal provided for commuting volunteers
    (lunch for morning-shift and dinner for afternoon-shift)
  • Snacks : All volunteers


Details are to be announced later.

Shuttle Bus

A shuttle bus will be in operation within the Expo site and in nearby areas including Yeosu, Suncheon, and Gwangyang.

Accident Insurance

Volunteers are insured against possible accidents for the duration of their work period at the Expo.

Certificates and Awards

Given to outstanding volunteers for their exceptional services at the Expo.

Volunteer Composition Contest

A writing contest for volunteers in which they relate their experiences working at the Yeosu Expo.


  • Benefits for institutions participating volunteering
    • - be given an opportunity to promote their organizations through Expo brochures and media outlets
    • - be recommended for awards of volunteer’s meetings