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Work Category
Category (9) Jobs (19) Duties
1. Administration
1-1. General administration General administrative assistance
1-2. Cyber announcements Computing, Homepage management, Cyber counseling and guidance, IT/Service center assistance
2. Site operation 2-1. General information Guidance to exhibition/Cultural events/Tourist spots, transportation/Lodging facilities, Reservations
2-2. Entry/Exit management Admission ticket sales and collection, Order maintenance at entrances
2-3. Visitor guidance Visitor guidance (within Expo site), Order maintenance, Accident prevention
2-4. Medical care Medical/First-aid assistance
2-5. Safety management
  • Water safety management near pavilions
  • Accident prevention in and around the Expo site
2-6. Environment and hygiene Epidemic prevention/Public hygiene
3. Facility management 3-1. Electricity
Electricity, Communications and media facilities inspection and maintenance
4. Traffic safety 4-1. Traffic control/Parking lot management
  • Traffic control and order maintenance near the Expo site
  • Parking management and order maintenance (event sites, transfer parking)
5. Culture and arts 5-1. Event assistance Cultural/Art events assistance
6. PR and documentation 6-1. Press assistance
  • Press center
  • Distribution of PR materials, Media and press coverage clipping
7. Convenience facilities 7-1. Assistance for people with disabilities/seniors Assistance for seniors and people with disabilities, Sign language interpretation
7-2. Child care Nursing room/Missing children’s center operation
7-3. Pet care Pet care center operation
7-4. Other convenience facilities Storage, Rentals, Other convenience facilities operation
8. Welfare
8-1. Welfare Shops, Staff cafeteria and lounge, Uniform center, ExpoTown management, etc.
8-2. Training/Others
  • Volunteer training and counseling
  • Emergency volunteer task force
9. Common 9-1. Interpretation Foreign language service, phone call interpretation service (English, Japanese, Chinese, etc.)