Korea Shipping & Ports Pavilion

Korea Shipping & Ports Pavilion Visual
Charting New Ocean Routes in the Maritime Transport and Port Industry

Korea Shipping & Ports Pavilion

Korea Shipping & Ports Pavilion features Korea’s advanced port systems and highly sophisticated maritime transport industry. In particular, the pavilion chronicles the development of Korea’s ports and shipbuilding industry, and presents promising new technologies in the field.

The pavilion is a joint exhibition space shared by the Korea Shipowners’ Association(190 member companies), and the four major port authorities in Korea (Incheon, Ulsan, Yeosu Gwangyang, Busan (a top five port in the world)). Here you can expect to see fascinating exhibitions on Korea’s advanced port and maritime transport-related systems and technologies, and get a glimpse into the future of the maritime industry – one which is brimming with possibilities.
Charting New Ocean Routes in the Maritime Industry: Korea as a Future Global Maritime Superpower
Operating hours
9:00 am - 9:00 pm
300 persons
Approximate tour time
30 minutes
Exhibition sections
Opening the Ocean (New journeys into the ocean) à Making the Ocean (Innovations of the shipping and ports industry) à Dreaming the Ocean (Future visions of the shipping and ports industry)
How to best enjoy the Korea Shipping & Ports Pavilion?
The best course through the pavilion is to follow the three themes in order: 1. Opening the Ocean, 2. Making the Ocean, and 3. Dreaming the Ocean. Each of these exhibits is sure to expand your understanding of ports and the maritime industry, and inspire you to contribute to realizing Korea’s vision of becoming a future leading country in the maritime field.

Opening the Ocean (Pre Show)

Opening the Ocean (Pre Show)
Through the ocean tunnel, this is the beginning of a great journey! Here you can see dioramas of ports, miniature ships, and various models and graphics showing Korea’s maritime transport and port industry, and have fun at an ocean playground. And be sure not to miss the chance to get on board a virtual boat to chart a new maritime route for Korea! In the course of your trip through ocean-themed tunnels lit up with hightechnology graphic panels, you can learn about the history of Korea’s maritime industry. Enjoy this fantastic virtual subsea adventure!

Making the Ocean (Main Show)

Making the Ocean (Main Show)
As you move to the Making the Ocean area, a blue wave as high as the ceiling greets you with a splendid view, almost erasing the boundary separating the sky and the sea. The wave represents the power and long history of Korea’s maritime transport and port industry. In this section be sure to have a look at the media wall, which features images of shipping vessels of the past and future, as well as the dynamic activities of the maritime transport and port industry, which is responsible for distributing various goods such as food, textiles, energy and steel products around the world.

Dreaming the Ocean (Post Show)

Dreaming the Ocean (Post Show)
State-of-the-art technology is used to project images of a spectacular subsea environment on the wall, which are then combined with visitors’ images, creating a striking, memorable art wall. You can also handle ocean-themed objects and cubes to chart your way in the navigation log. Here visitors can see the potential of the maritime transport and port industry – from the near to the distant future. Free your imagination and enjoy this tantalizing glimpse into the future of our oceans and the industry that depends on them.