GSCaltex Energy Field

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GSCaltex Energy Field

GSCaltex Energy Field presents its efforts and future visions for ushering in a world where nature and humankind coexist peacefully. Visitors can experience the company’s efforts for energy recycling and the process of energy circulation. The exhibitions also call on us to reflect on what we can do – as individuals and as nations – to solve a major crisis of humanity: resource depletion. Here you can learn about the necessity of being environmentally aware and GS Caltex’s efforts towards natural resource recycling.
Harmony between Nature and People: Endeavors and Visions for Energy Recycling
Operating hours
9:00 am - 9:00 pm
180 persons
Approximate tour time
30 minutes
Exhibition sections
1F(Energy Field) → 1F(Collective Energy) → 2F(Prologue) → 2F(Main Show) → 2F(Epilogue)
1F(Energy Field)

1F(Energy Field)

Here visitors can experience energy firsthand. The 18 meter-high blade that turns as the wind blows represents the dynamic energy of nature. As you walk around this space, you can experience a living energy field. At night, various lighting techniques are used to highlight energy features; there is even a room where the lights react to the touch of visitors.

1F(Collective Energy)

In the Collective Energy area visitors can look at their reflection on the ceiling and walls and experience the expansion of energy.


GS Caltex Energy Field installed solar panels on the rooftop of the pavilion to generate solar energy, which is used to provide electricity to the pavilion. The process of solar energy is explained here, as are other alternative energy sources and facts and myths about oil. With this exhibit, GS Caltex shows the ways it is not just an energy consumer, but an energy generator.

2F(Main Show)

The Main Show delivers the message that companies and people must join together to ensure the continuous circulation of energy on land and under the sea. The restrained imaging techniques used here create a novel space complete with interactive reactive technologies and sound effects.


A chronicle of GS Caltex’s past, present and future, the Epilogue presents the company’s efforts for national advancement, its vision for future energy development, and its duties as a responsible member of society.