Aquarium Visual
Emphasizing the Importance of Marine Biodiversity and the Conservation of Marine Resources


A key site of the Expo, the Aquarium seeks to expose visitors to the various marine cultures and the necessity of marine resource conservation and protection efforts. It is also a site for research on endangered species and marine ecosystems of the five great oceans of the world.

The Aquarium displays an exciting array of marine mammals including beluga whales, Baikal seals, and sea dragons. The aquarium has 360-degree views that vividly capture the underwater world of over 34,000 fish. The Aquarium also features a touch pool and other experience programs to explore.
Living in Harmony with Marine Life: Protection of Endangered Marine Species and the Marine Ecosystem
Operating hours
9:00 am - 9:00 pm
1,620 persons
Approximate tour time
60 minutes
Exhibition sections
Marine Life → Aqua Forest → Ocean Life
The best way to enjoy the Aquarium
Start at the “Marine Life” exhibit where you can see up close endangered coastal species, then move on to the “Ocean Life” exhibit where you are the audience for a dazzling show put on by the fish swimming around the large dome tank. You will be constantly amazed at the wondrousness of nature and feel deeply the importance of environmental protection efforts. We hope that the Aquarium will inspire you to ask yourself what you can do to protect the marine environment so that we may pass on its beauty to the next generation. The Aquarium also has a food court, a gift shop and a 3D theater. Please note that the 3D theater is a privately run facility and charges an entrance fee.

Marine Life

Marine Life
At the Marine Life exhibit you can observe coastal animals in very close proximity and learn about the coastal ecosystem. There is even a helmet tank where you can take a close look at sea animals. Observe the movements of rare marine mammals like belugas, Baikal seals, penguins, otters, sea lions and elephant seals through the tank. Don’t miss belugas (white whales), the stars of the Aquarium as well as Baikal seals that only live in fresh water and African penguins.

Aqua Forest

Aqua Forest
The Aqua Forest features the gigantic Amazon Jungle Experience Hall that recreates the ecology of the Amazon, the world’s greatest nature reserve. The exhibits here convey a strong message for natural resources protection, and include 15 tanks filled with over 100 species of amazing Amazon creatures. Be sure not to miss out on the touch pool, where you can experience nature through your finger tips!

Ocean Life

Ocean Life
The Ocean Life exhibit satisfies all your five senses. Watching large fish swimming in the Korea’s first aqua dome with its 360-degree view makes you feel as though you are swimming underwater with them. The scenes of sharks and rays swimming gracefully in the dome’s water are particularly impressive. Over 200 species of marine animals, including huge sharks, rays, sardines, sea turtles and jellyfish are on display in 13 tanks with names like Main, Pacific, Atlantic, Red Sea, Mediterranean, and Caribbean. Be sure not to miss the fascinating presentations about ocean ecosystems, and the extraordinary sardine show in the Korea’s largest 16-meter acrylic tank – something you rarely have a chance to witness!