Cyber EXPO

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Cyber Expo provides a three-dimensional, online virtual reality experience for users, enabling them to use avatars to browse through pavilions and service facilities to view installations and indoor/outdoor exhibitions in 3D cyber space.


Cyber Expo enables an online 3D virtual reality experience for those who are interested in seeing the Expo contents before visiting or for those who cannot actually visit the Expo site.
It aims to attract greater attention to and interest in Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea by allowing access to the festival at anytime, anywhere in the world, making the Expo a truly international celebration.
Cyber Expo also allows for continued enjoyment of Yeosu Expo after the festival has ended, capturing the moments in cyber space.


Cyber Expo offers a dynamic 3D map and avatars that viewers can use for touring major facilities and exhibitions.
It also provides a chance for viewers to indirectly use indoor pavilion facilities and enjoy exhibition presentations, as well as take guided tours and access exhibition information.
It also keeps track of and stores the user's viewing path.

user`s viewing path
3D Map for Expo Site
3D Map for Expo Site image

Cyber Expo visitors can control the 3D map using the move, zoom, in/out and rotate functions.
These functions allow for close-up views of the Expo site and pavilion exteriors from different angles.
With additional functions available,visitors can enjoy more services as described below:

Visitors can:
- Set their own viewing route (simulated viewing is also available)
- Access information on pavilions, installations and facilities
- Search for specific facilities (e.g., basic conveniences, amenities and shops) and use the guide service.

Expo Site Tour

Visitors can view and experience major pavilions,service facilities, installations and indoor/outdoor exhibitions reproduced in realistic 3D graphics by using an avatar. Besides the viewing experience,Cyber Expo offers a wide range of services, including fun events and quests.

Expo Site Tour image
viewing of installation
viewing of installation image

Visitors can use their avatars to tour major exhibitions and installations and receive relevant information.The 3D installations are exact reproductions of the originals exhibited in pavilions to ensure a level of viewer satisfaction comparable with real-life visits.