Sky Tower

Silos that play the most beautiful music Sky Tower

Silos transformed into an artistic masterpiece


The Sky Tower is the highest structure at the Expo site (73 meters high). Created from a pair of abandoned silos, it will be left permanently at the Expo site as a cultural landmark of Yeosu Expo.

The Sky Tower deserves to be the symbol of environmentally conscious Yeosu Expo, in that the remnants of the past industrial era were transformed into a beautiful artistic masterpiece,

Major Facilities

Silo No. 1:Theater
Silo No. 2:Seawater Desalination Facility
Observation Deck

Pipe Organ

A pipe organ is installed in the shape of a harp on the exterior of the Sky Tower. The pipe organ was recently listed in the Guinness Book of World Records as the world’s loudest pipe organ.

The pipe organ will signal the opening and closing of the Expo site with a boat horn sound every day, play the national anthems of participating countries, and it will also be featured in many concerts.


Rock Engraving in Bangudae


The wall inside Silo No. 1 will be utilized as a theater screen, where magnificent scenes of the southern coast will be shown.

The state-of-the-art information technology will be combined with the films projected on the wall screen to provide interactive contents to visitors.

Seawater Desalination Facility

The Seawater Desalination Facility installed in Silo No. 2 displays the system that is widely used all over the world to address water shortage issues caused by environmental pollution and climate change. Visitors will learn the value of the ocean, as they interact with the facility.

Interestingly, seawater will be desalinated in front of visitors’ eyes, and the drinking water will be served on site.

Desalination Facility


Observation Deck

The Observation Deck at a height of 73 meters offers a bird’s eye view of the Expo site and the picturesque scenery of the southern coast.