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Bird’s-eye View

The Theme Pavilion, the first offshore pavilion in Korea, is the main pavilion expressing the Expo theme, “The Living Ocean and Coast.”

Facility Size

Total floor area: 6,000 ㎡ (2-story building)

Exhibition area: 2,102 ㎡

Auxiliary area: 96 ㎡

Public area: 2,535 ㎡


Coexistence of the Ocean and Humanity


Exhibition Plans and Images

1. Giant Clam (A symbolic, visitor-participatory structure)

The structure changes its color with the participation by the EXPO visitors over the 93 days duration of the Expo, signifying the changes in the awareness and the way the visitors see the sea.

2. The Living Ocean

In this pavilion, visitors are able to see the great oceans of the planet full of life observed from a horde of maritime research posts all over the globe and the endeavors of the humankind to understand and protect the seas.

3. The Value of the Sea

This pavilion is designed to promote our understandings on the unseen values and possibilities in the sea that we did not pay attention to and refresh our interest in the sea.


4. Sea under Threat

With real-time interactive features and designs of the exhibition space, a story of the seas, being under threat of losing its life by the global warming and maritime wastes, which poses threats to human beings as well, will unfold.

5. Co-existence between the Sea and the Human

A story of adventures featuring a boy who dreams of the great seas and a dugong, which is his friend, is told. In the climax of the video, a surprise entry of the dugong and the boy in real life into the stage will provide an excitement to the visitors.

6. Future Lives of Human Beings and the Sea in a Happy Co-existence

Set in the seas in the future as anticipated by experts as well as the general public, an imaginary life of human beings in the sea in the future is staged to conclude the performance, providing an opportunity to contemplate upon a bright future in harmony with the seas for the visitors.