The Big-O is a landmark of Yeosu Expo. At the Big-O area, visitors can appreciate the meaning of the Expo's theme at experience zones and enjoy large-scale events, cultural performances and a variety of shows with the open sea as a backdrop.














동그라미 Concept of Experience Zones

Among the experience zones are Eco Zone with all sorts of aquatic plants, shades, rest areas and playgrounds for children, Culture Zone with various exhibition facilities and amenities, and Water Zone with the Waterfront Park and Mongdol (gravel) beach.


동그라미 Concept of Entertainment Zone

In the Entertainment Zone are the O structure from which various shows will be staged, a huge fountain over the sea, and the Floating Stage that is submersible under the water.




동그라미 Concept of the O

"The O" borrows the initial 'O' from 'Ocean' and resembles the number '0', embodying a new start through the oceans.

The water screen installed inside of the outer rim of "the O" will display films and other videos. The outer rim will produce special effects such as water jets, mist, flames, lightings, and laser shows.






동그라미 Concepts of the Night Multi-media Show

The Night Multi-media Show will be designed and directed by ECA2, which has directed various shows such as the opening and closing ceremonies of the 1998 World Cup in France and the Eifel Tower Millenium Show, while the Fountain Show will be staged by a US company, WET, which planned and directed world-famous fountain shows such as fountain shows at Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, artificial volcano shows at Mirage Hotel and Burj Khalifa fountain shows in Dubai. Prepare yourself to be amazed by majestic shows you've never seen before!


Take a glimpse at the Mega Sea Water Fountatin show staged at the most representative venue in Yeosu Expo, the Big-O.


해상분수 쇼 미리보기

Take a glimpse at the Fountain Show to be staged at the Big-O, Yeosu Expo's landmark.