Tips about the pavilions

Tips on how to enjoy Yeosu Expo

Tips about the pavilions
  1. Visit various and unique pavilions in the International Pavilion in the morning
  2. Visit popular pavilions in the afternoon
  3. Enjoy unique performances at every corner of the Expo site
  4. Catch the evening Big-O Show, the landmark of Expo 2012 Yeosu

International Pavilion

Visitor rating :
Tips about the pavilions
Name of Pavilion Exhibition Presentation Rating
International Pavilion A Uruguay Underwater scenery through illusion film/mate tea-tasting Anyone
Germany Film on future underwater exploration Anyone
Tunisia Fish-shape reed screen/art exhibit Anyone
Romania Souvenir magnet giveaway/virtual traditional clothing using monitor and camera Children
Monaco Petition signing for the environment after solving quiz Anyone
Switzerland Ice room, virtual screen, glacial milk tasting Children
Norway Virtual film trip to Norway Anyone
Sweden Introduction to Swedish culture Anyone
Angola Virtual screen (rocking chair, wind, etc.), traditional musical performance Children
Turkey Tile craft demonstration, virtual water tank screen, 3D glasses Children
Atlantic Ocean Joint Pavilion Pavilion for nations in the Atlantic region Anyone
Egypt Pavilion for nations in the Atlantic region Anyone
Pakistan 3D holographic projection for historical relics in Pakistan Anyone
India Introduction of low-temperature thermal desalination Anyone
Sri Lanka Jewelry sculpture, religious experience Adults
International Pavilion B Belgium Free cookie giveaways at the entrance, chocolate molding demonstration and major national symbols on merry-go-round shaped exhibition facilities Children
Kazakhstan Souvenir photo taking and transmission service via e-mail, film exhibition including dance and other performances Anyone
Republic of Congo Wooden mask exhibit Anyone
Argentina Music and tango dance performance Adults
France Façade decorated with salt hourglasses, robot fish tank, robot band performance Children
Italy Mosaics and fresco paintings (1st century A.D.), coral artworks, Introduction of Expo 2015 Anyone
Netherlands Films related to 2002 FIFA World Cup Anyone
Turkmenistan Introduction of planned tourist complex, traditional hat wearing Adults
Denmark Lego exhibit and Lego experience Children
Spain Film about underwater exploration, deep sea water sample exhibit Anyone
Lithuania Baltic amber exhibit Anyone
Israel Clean glass lighting Anyone
Pacific Ocean Joint Pavilion Pavilion for nations in the Pacific region Anyone
Russia Arctic-related film, ship boarding game Children
International Pavilion C Oman 4D experience, introduction of the pavilion Children
Qatar Henna experience (for women only) Children
Indian Ocean Pavilion for nations in the Indian Pacific region Anyone
UAE Photo taking with endangered marine species backdrop and photo transmission service, my own fish making experience Children
Algeria Sahara Desert-related film Anyone
International Pavilion D Peru Introduction of the world’s first surfboat “Totora Horse” and mammoth squid Anyone
Thailand Virtual screen, mermaid robot Children
Singapore 3D film, composition about life in Singapore, wish list Anyone
Japan Animation related to the Tohoku Earthquake in Japan Children
China Animation about endangered dolphins, performance, touch screen Children
Vietnam Issues about global food shortage, performances Anyone
Brunei Touch screen related to mangrove and marine industry Anyone
Cambodia Façade decorated with Angkor Wat replica, stone statue exhibit Adults
Indonesia Film about marine life Anyone
Australia Exhibit of ocean-related artworks, souvenir photo taking with replica ship backdrop Anyone
USA Introduction of Korea by Barack Obama, Hilary Clinton, and sports stars, process of pollution across the earth Anyone
Philippines Introduction of major tourist spots and film exhibition Anyone
Malaysia Exhibit of traditional bead accessories, introduction of tropical rain forest Adults

Host Country Pavilions/Experience Facilities

Tips about the pavilions!
Name of Pavilion Exhibition Presentation Rating
Theme Pavilion Film about Dugong and a boy, performances Children
OCBPA Introduction of the ocean in general, participatory exhibits Adults
Korea Pavilion Film about Korea’s marine development, participatory traditional Korean circle dance, “ganggang sullae” performance Anyone
Climate & Environment Pavilion Film exhibition and Arctic experience Children
Local Governments Pavilion Introduction of local regions, mudflat experience (Jeollanam-do) Adults
Aquarium Beluga, water tank tunnel café Children
Marine Life Pavilion Exhibit about mudflats and underwater ecosystem, souvenir photo taking with various backdrops Anyone
Marine Industry & Technology Pavilion The first exhibit complex in Expo history, presenting vision for the marine industry’s future Anyone
POSCO Pavilion Various musical instruments, process of energy generation, performances Children
LOTTE Pavilion 360-degree hot-air balloon, land-underground-underwater-round-the-world trip Children
GS Caltex Energy Field Quiz playing and prize giveaway Anyone
LG Pavilion 3D film, Rooftop Water Garden Adults
SK Telecom Pavilion IT medical checkup for diabetes, obesity, and others Adults
SAMSUNG Pavilion Large pentagonal screens, performances, 4D experience Children
Hyundai Motor Group Pavilion Street performance by robots, film about Hyundai automobiles Children
DSME Marine Robot Pavilion Robots playing soccer and dancing, robot water tank Children
Korea Shipping& Ports Pavilion Tap dance performance, various exhibits showing Korea’s shipping and port industry, character dolls Children
Marine Civilization & City Pavilion Shipwreck replica, future marine city and cars Anyone
BIE EXPO x EXPOS Introduction of past Expos Anyone
International Organizations Pavilion Introduction of international organizations, 30-sec. oil painting (for a fee), quiz Anyone
Sky Tower Observation deck overlooking the Expo site, mug giveaway, night view of International Pavilion’s wave pattern Adults
Fisheries Experience Zone (deep sea) Simulated deep-sea fishing experience, freezer and tuna canning process Children
Fisheries Experience Zone (coastal) Fishing boat boarding/fish farm experience/Marine Forest Children
Energy Park Energy generation experience, electric bus, replica ship, playground Children
Expo Digital Gallery Marine-related film on large LED screen Anyone
The Big-O Large water screen, fireworks/water fountain shows Anyone
3D Aquarium 3D films showing rare marine creatures Anyone