Pavilion Theme

Many cultures on one spot! Pavilion Theme

Pavilion Theme
Location Participating Country Pavilion Theme
International Pavilion A Uruguay Uruguay, Shining light of the Atlantic Ocean
Germany Advancement of marine technology and science
Tunisia Tunisia loves and preserves the Mediterranean Sea
Switzerland Source, it is in your hand.
Rumania Danube delta-waterway
Monaco Historical responsibility of Monaco for protecting the environment, coast and ocean
Norway Sustainable ocean activities
Sweden Open thinking, open mind and open space
Angola Sustainable country Angola: national pledge!
Turkey Turkey: Civilization connecting
Egypt Egypt: Contemplation of civilization
India The ocean and society
Sri Lanka The ocean and the beach
Pakistan Sustainability based on humanity
International Pavilion B Belgium The coast and river management system in Belgium: diversity of resources and sustainability
Kazakhstan New resource technology
Republic of Congo Potential of advanced hydropower in plateau and the Congo River
Lithuania Experience the future: the coast development and conservation in Lithuania
Argentina Argentina's marine knowledge and skills
France Seawater desalination
Italy From historical tradition to modern technology
Mexico Guide to the wonderful historical chapter of Teotihuacan and Chichen Itza
Netherlands Sustainable Delta in Netherlands
Nigeria Future, humankind, ocean and coast
Israel Israel - sea of inspiration
Turkmenistan Abundant natural resources, rich farmland and pastures, development and preservation of nature
Denmark Horizon: Colorful scenes of the sea and coast
Spain Exploration of Spain
Russia The sea and the human being - journey from the past to the future
International Pavilion C Oman Development of marine resources
Qatar Rhythm and rejuvenation
UAE Living seas
Algeria National heritage and harmonious development of the Mediterranean
International Pavilion D Peru Peru: Surfing into the Future
Thailand Development and preservation of the coast
(Diversity: Capacity of Thailand)
Singapore Small city with big dream - Beautiful paradox
Japan Future of Japan and the sea
China One sea and one possibility
Vietnam Vietnam: Sea, island, and human being
Brunei Various sustainable living things from forest to coral reef
Cambodia Creative marine activities - Culture and nature
Indonesia The wonderful ocean of Indonesia: sustaining tropical zone's diversity
Australia Australia: harmony with the sea
USA Diversity, miracle, and solution
Philippines Tropical forest: the most various kinds of birds in the world
Malaysia Remarkable marine culture: affluent marine legacies and natural environment