Expo2012 Yeosu Korea Sponsership

        offical glober partner

           Hyundai Motor Company Kia Motors Corporation

        offical partner

           Industrial Bank of Korea Kwangju Bank       Daewoo Shipbuilding & Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.       Hyundai Heavy Industries

        offical sponser
          Cheil Industries Inc.       ASIANA AIRLINES, INC.       Lotte Chilsung Beverage Co., Ltd. GS Caltex       LG Corporation
         HANWHA Group

       glober sponserr
            Hyundai Marine & Fire Insurance Co., Ltd.    Interpark. Co., Ltd.     LOTTE Confectionery Co., Ltd.

        Contents Partners
            FUJI XEROX    CHRISTIE 11st KOREA EXPRESS Co., Ltd.    Hanjin Transportation Co., Ltd    AMOJE  YOUNGSIN  Nongshim.Co., Ltd.
          Aju Rental  EUKOR Car Carriers Inc.

        Official Internet Sponsor
Rights and Benefits

Official Global Partners are provided exclusive rights including rights to use the Expo emblem and the title “Official Global Partner” at home and abroad; rights to expose logos in a TV advertisement of the Expo; rights to receive exclusive marketing assets in the Expo site; and rights to a preferential treatment in sales and rental business. Partners also enjoy benefits such as exposing their names throughout the Expo site, restricting ambush marketing, and others.

Official Partners are provided most of exclusive rights and benefits which Official Global Partners enjoy except for the right to use the title “Official Partner” world-wide.

Official Sponsors/Official Suppliers/Contents Sponsors are entitled to selective marketing assets, media exposure, and the assurance of category exclusivity.