Vision & Goals

Here we introduce the purpose and the visions of Yeosu Expo and strategies for its success.


Sea level rise, the loss of biodiversity, acidification and pollution are only a few dangers threatening our seas and coasts. Restoring sustainable life to our marine environment is the responsibility of the entire global community.

The sea is our green engine for future growth. Its abundant resources and potential provide us important research into bio- and nanotechnology.

The sea offers a new frontier for global cooperation in order to realize harmonious coexistence with the marine environment.


People, ocans and coasts in harmony

A touch of entertainment added to the valuable lessons provided about the oceans will help visitors better understand the seas and the importance of sustainable management of our waters. A new post-industrial model citizen, the Seatizen, will act as the bridge between the seas and humankind.

Unforgettable experience

An inspiring and memorable experience is promised through the unique exhibitions and stories and eye-catching attractions. Anyone and everyone may visit Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea and share in this once-in-a-lifetime experience.

A taste of the future

Advanced IT and marine technology come together to create multi-dimensional exhibitions, offering the experience of future marine technologies, virtual reality and the oceans of the past. Developing countries will have the chance to experience and share advanced eco-friendly marine technology, as well as being able to appreciate tomorrow’s vision of the marine industry and science.

International cooperation

Promoting a new level of international cooperation and peaceful use of the seas, the Yeosu Declaration will propose a post-Kyoto vision, and the Yeosu Project will help strengthen developing countries’ capacities in dealing with the marine-related challenges.


Post-EXPO uses

A thorough plan will be laid out for post-expo utilization of the expo facitilies and on-going revitalization of Yeosu. Marine research facilities and organizations will continue to be welcomed into Yeosu so as to maintain it as an eco-friendly city of marine science and industry beyond the Expo.


Green Exposition

In the spirit of the theme of Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea, all preparations and events will leave a limited carbon footprint, and the Energy Park will become the test-bed for renewable energy. The entire Expo site will be constructed with environmentally-friendly methods and recycled materials to produce the least amount of waste possible.

Ubiquitous Exposition

The construction and operation of the Expo facilities and exhibitions will be based on Korea’s cutting-edge information technology. Visitors will have the chance to indulge in novel experiences, involving virtual and augmented reality. The Expo Digital Gallery, among others, will be representative of the ubiquitous Expo.

Design Exposition

Every facility of the Yeosu Expo will be based on the most inspirational and contemporary designs. Major facilities, including the Korean Pavilion and the Thematic Pavilion, will be based on the winning designs of an international competition hosted for this very purpose. Prominent art directors will be invited to supervise the various cultural and arts events and advise on the creation of world class exhibitions.

Cultural Exposition

Cultural events will be major attractions at the Yeosu Expo. A flavor of culture and art will be found in official events, exhibition contents and seminars. Symbolic cultural products will be designed to promote the expo, and world famous cultural and arts performances will be an integral part of Yeosu’s regional promotion.