The Living Ocean and Coast : Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities

The main theme of Yeosu Expo, “The Living Ocean and Coast,” conceptualizes the most desirable future for the ocean whose sound preservation and well-being is essentially linked with the survival of humankind. “Diversity of Resources and Sustainable Activities” defines the guiding principle that should inform all future actions regarding our oceans. Only with sustainable use, in other words finding the balance between production and consumption, while preserving diversity of resources, species and culture, can the ocean and coasts continue to live.

Background of Theme

The Expo theme will help shed light on humankind’s knowledge and advancement of technology concerning the ocean and coast and identify ways to resolve challenges facing the ocean. Since the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea went into effect in 1993, the ocean has emerged as an important element in resolving various problems humankind faces, including those related to resources, food, space and the environment. However, industrial activities have damaged the marine ecosystem and subsequently reduced fish stocks. As a result, the ocean faces severe crisis. A damaged marine ecosystem, global warming and natural disasters are not limited to a certain country or region, but are issues that have global implications. Thus, Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea themed on “The Living Ocean and Coast,” will pave the way for reaffirming global effort to resolve such issues.

Yeosu Expo’s theme, “The Living Ocean and Coast,” was divided into three sub-themes: Coastal Development and Preservation, New Resources Technology, and Creative Maritime Activities. These sub-themes have been further developed into 6 thematic groups, namely, Climate & Environment, Marine Life, Marine Industry & Technology, Marine City & Marine Civilization, and Marine Arts, each of which will be demonstrated in the respective sub-theme pavilions.

Background of Theme

Coastal Development and Preservation

  • This sub-theme aims to inspire a new level of cooperation in the international community so as to combat climate change and create a paradigm where development and preservation find a better balance.
  • The last few decades have witnessed severe environmental degradation caused by reckless use and excessive development of natural resources by humankind. Our economies and societies must break away from their current fossil fuel-based economies to minimize the damages to both people and the environment. Today, individuals, businesses, countries and the global community must realize that marine resources are limited and should not be subject to careless use. They are the fundamentals for the sound development of our future society, and people and ecosystems must be considered on the same level.

New Resources Technology

  • This sub-theme illustrates the progress and future prospects of marine technology, a new growth driver for the advancement of humankind.
  • Countries are competing to become more competitive in marine-related industries and develop technologies to address issues related to resources and the changing environment. The discreet use of resources, which strikes a balance between development and preservation, is only possible if based on advanced marine science and technology. Fostering marine industries will create added value and generate new jobs to transform sluggish industries into low cost, high efficiency structures.

Creative Maritime Activities

  • This sub-theme intends to demonstrate the relationship between the oceans and humankind through culture and art and promote the new ideals of the seatizen and seavilization.
  • An energetic mix of play and experience (edutainment) will trigger the imagination and curiosity of attendees towards an unknown world, inspiring young boys and girls around the world to learn to love and appreciate the oceans. A wide collection of marine-related culture and arts, including poetry, novels, films, operas, musicals, plays and music will be exhibited at the Yeosu Expo.