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32 Others Should food supplies be inspected for safety every time they are imported?
31 Others How should we mark the country of origin?
30 Others Tell us the do’s and don’ts of food handling.
29 Others Who needs to get a medical report? How is the medical screening done?
28 Others What kind of documents should we submit to the authority when reporting our business?
27 Others Should we receive food safety training in advance?
26 Others We would like to sell food and beverage in our pavilion. What kind of food and beverage can we sell?
25 Others Is there any available parking lot for vehicles that transport food supplies? Are there specific time slots when vehicles are allowed to pass the Expo
24 Others Are we allowed to use an electronic or gas stove for private use in the International Pavilion?
23 Others What should we report if we would like to provide visitors with free samples of our traditional food?
22 Others Is there a list of food suppliers?
21 membership Membership cancellation
20 membership Find ID/PASSWORD
19 volunteer How many volunteers will be involved in Expo 2012 Yeosu Korea?
18 volunteer What are the basic requirements to become a volunteer?
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